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Mamuna Arshad

An Industry Professional since 2000. "With a Reputation for Results by transparency & trust "

Mamuna has been based at Transform Hospital Group for the last 14 years and is based  in the City Centre of Manchester. 

Additionally, Mamuna is also practising as a Cosmetic/Aesthetic Patient Advisor/Consultant at SKN, The Harley Medical Group and is Lead, in Mole Diagnostic Reporting/Imaging for The Mole Clinic. 

As a registered member of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), Her no-nonsense approach and sound knowledge of Medical Aesthetic/ Non-surgical procedures , Cosmetic and Weight Loss procedures have gained trust with both customers and industry professionals.

Mamuna Arshad

As an Internal Quality Assurer and Trainer within the industry; with over 28 years of Clinical experience, Mamuna continues to ensure best clinical practice and service as a licensed Industry Skin Care Expert, Laser Technician and CoolSculpting Specialist. As an expert; her years of education, training, and experience allows her to tailor her approach to her patients needs on an individual basis by offering premium treatments and procedures.

She has also continued to develop her role as a College Lecturer and has extended her qualified skills and knowledge to teaching VTCT Level 3 in both Complementary Therapies and Sports Massage as well as Cancer Touch Therapies.

Mamuna Arshad

As a Patient Consultant/Advisor and Senior; Regional Medical Aesthetics Lead Practitioner, Mamuna offers a full and comprehensive consultation, treatment and aftercare programme on various aesthetic/non-surgical procedures, which include CoolSculpting (Fat Freezing), line & wrinkle smoothing, Fillers, Threads, Thread Vein removal, Micro-Needling, Lasers (hair, vascular & skin tightening) and a variety of skin treatments. 

Mamuna is also well versed on consulting for Cosmetic and Weight-Loss procedures and will support you in your journey of self improvement. 

Mamuna Arshad

Mamuna has continued with her professional Career and 

development to stay current with up-to-date practices and new developments within the Cosmetic, Aesthetic & Weight-Loss industry. With regular updates on current topics, she continues to expand and progress in obtaining professional recognition for her continued work. 

In doing so she is a featured writer and contributor for Bandboozled, weight loss specialist for Bariatric Surgery. Mamuna's articles/blogs are diverse and include topics on:

- Lifestyle Management

- Complementary Therapies

- Health & Well-Being

- Beauty and much more.

Over the years, she has organised many Cosmetic Surgery ,Medical Aesthetic and Weight-Loss events and has led internal and external presentations, which included practical demonstrations of various Aesthetic procedures to teach and inform on the latest advancements within the industry, 

As well as a speaker for Cosmetics & Weight-Loss. Mamuna has extended her know-how and filmed promo videos to inform and educate on the current advancements within the 3 specialisms. Mamuna has also worked as a contributing writer for  The Transform Hospital Group & The Hospital Group, since 2011 and continues to contribute to other magazine and social  media syndicates.

Mamuna Arshad

With her professional manner and ease, Mamuna uses a forward-thinking and unique approach that favours a more empathetic pathway to help support and gain patient trust. 

Well regarded in the industry,  she is sought after to support other industry professionals in regards to business advice and ventures.

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