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2024 latest medical devices

Many times, continuous, natural improvements can be achieved with the new generation of instruments and in-office devices—without the need for a syringe or scalpel. We anticipate seeing more advanced combo treatments that provide greater tissue remodelling and organic, noticeable improvements with favourable results, which will help tip the scales back from excess. There will be softer and less dramatic contouring. When we focus on each patient's unique qualities and create a programme that highlights those features rather than treating to a trend that has been overdone, we may achieve more individualised beauty.

Revitalized skin resurfacing

In practice, new energy gadgets like Tixel are becoming more and more prominent. For all skin types, Tixel offers the best thermal-mechanical action technology available for skin resurfacing. It is a noninvasive, innovative fractional skin-treatment method that addresses problems with tone, texture, and acne. In order to enhance skin quality, scarring, and the crepiness of lines and wrinkles around the eyes and on the eyelids, it rejuvenates skin by promoting the production of new collagen. Tixel is not a radiofrequency microneedling device, nor is it a laser that uses light and heat forms. Rapid, secure, and efficient thermal energy transfer to the skin is achieved.

Sleeker, safer BBL

Although BBL is here to stay, we anticipate that the process will lead to more natural, complementing, and proportionate effects rather than too dramatic ones.


Intramuscular injections have been discontinued when studies on the mortality associated with injecting into the gluteal muscle were conducted.


Additionally, as the operation continues to grow in popularity, new criteria have been implemented to ensure that it is safe and has minimum problems or mortality compared to other procedures.


To reduce skin laxity and the appearance of volume loss, Emsculpt Neo, Emface, and/or Emtone are frequently incorporated into body-contouring treatment plans.


A surgical facelift can address moderate to severe skin laxity in numerous regions at once, producing desired outcomes like a smooth neck and jawline, while nonsurgical procedures can be successful in addressing mild to moderate laxity and volume loss in specific areas.

Energy-Based Devices

Energy-Based Devices - The surge in popularity of co2 laser resurfacing and ablative lasers in conjunction with RF microneedling. In 2023, there was a noticeable shift in the use of energy-based skin rejuvenation equipment, particularly ablative lasers like CO2 laser resurfacing and radiofrequency (RF) microneedling.


In 2024 and the ensuing years, this pattern is probably going to continue.


New IV Elixir Drip 

Pink gluthatione 2500 mg with kojic acid is a potent stem cell infusion that brightens skin and aids in detoxifying.

This well-liked vitamin drip is made to assist the body rid itself of extra toxins and replace essential nutrients that support collagen and DNA production and repair.

It contains the master antioxidant glutathione combined with kojic acid and synergistic B and C vitamins.

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