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Latest Medical Devices

It's not surprising that more people are choosing aesthetic surgery than ever before, given the growing variety of procedures available and the growing acceptance of surgically enhancing your appearance. However, as we discovered, some procedures are more popular—or are becoming more popular—than others.

Medical Aesthetic Devices play a vital role in delivering the ever increasing consumers demands in the quest for perfection

Smaller-scale fat grafting

We do facial fat grafting to use natural tissue for facial improvements and filling. However, the microfat can be further processed into nanofat. 

This fat is chock full of regenerative stem cells and elements that can be stamped into the skin with Aquagold or injected with a very fine cannula—including under the eyes, to help with darkness.

A game-changing anti-acne laser

Aviclear is a transformation laser for acne treatment. With results comparable to [those of] Accutane but with fewer side effects, faster results, and much less risk, Aviclear has become one of the most popular laser treatments in my practice.

 Aviclear laser technology is not just helping current acne breakouts but transforming the skin to prevent future acne. Adult acne is a real concern for many people, and now there is a viable treatment with real results

Ozempic injections for weight loss

Metabolic aesthetics’ is a term I coined when I opened my practice three years ago. The concept is treating patients at the metabolic level to improve their appearance. We customize everything from hormone balancing, peptide supplements, and antioxidant infusion treatments to each patient. The newest component, Ozempic, a diabetes medication found to help with weight loss in nondiabetic patients, will see substantial interest in 2023. 

As opposed to other medical weight-loss treatments that rely on increasing metabolism with stimulants, Ozempic works directly on the GI system to slow down gastric emptying so patients feel full after just a few bites. As a result, patients lose interest in fattening foods and foods they would normally crave. While there are currently worries of shortages with increased demand, production will hopefully increase as more and more patients seek Ozempic to maximize their weight loss in combination with exercise and nutrition.

Scar-free skin tightening

Ellacor is the most exciting device in years, and it’s being released in 2023 in a large way. Every device manufacturer has been searching for the answer to the age-old problem of tightening skin without a scar. I believe Ellacor has developed a very simple but ingenious solution! Instead of promises of skin tightening through laser or heat energy, Ellacor works through micro-coring, the removal of hundreds of very small amounts of skin, which adds up to a significant amount—well over a postage stamp size—without a scar. There are no ifs, ands, or buts—skin is being removed. And if skin is removed, the remaining skin is tightened, as it pulls those micro holes shut to heal itself. Simple, safe, and quite honestly, amazing. 

We are starting to apply this technology to all areas of the body that develop laxity as we age—the face/jawline, supra umbilical [the area above the belly button], above the knees, and even with little mini breast lifts, to elevate nipple position. This will be the hot trend in 2023

An explosion in exosome therapy

Forget about PRP—exosome therapy is the hottest tool in regenerative medicine, especially for hair restoration and wound healing. Exosomes, which are secreted by stem cells, contain hundreds more growth factors than PRP, and with more anti-inflammatory properties. They can be applied topically after microneedling or lasering, and there are ongoing studies for injectable use. Clinical studies have shown 180% increased elastin production, 300% fibroblast proliferation, six times more collagen production, and a significant reduction in downtime. I see more hair growth in a single treatment of exosomes than in three rounds of PRP

Make way for CBG skincare

CBG is cannabigerol, which is a precursor to CBD [cannabidiol] and THC [tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical in the cannabis plant that causes the high].

It has no psychoactive effects, but CBG has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and outperforms CBD—a super-popular beauty ingredient—for stimulating collagen, elastin, and hydration. I like to have my patients apply Omni Bioceutical Innovations Revitalizing CBG Moisturizer after filler injections and threadlift procedures.

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