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2021 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

We wondered if the desire for cosmetic procedures would wane for a brief moment in the spring of 2020, as doctors were forced to temporarily halt elective procedures and it became clear that we'd all be staying at home in sweatpants for a lot longer than we'd initially thought.

 However, after analysing the behavioural trends of  over the past year and speaking with doctors across the country, it's clear that people are as interested in plastic surgery and aesthetics as they have always been.

Eye Procedures

With masks becoming more common, some aestheticians believe eye procedures will see a significant rise. 

The effectiveness of masks in public spaces has seen mask mandates implemented around the world and with them, our eyes have become the only part of our face on show. 

As well as eyelid and brow rejuvenation treatments , Upper and Lower Blephs will gain popularity once more. 

Always on Trend

* Breast augmentations,

* Brazilian butt lifts, 

* Tummy tucks, 

* Rhinoplasty 

* Eyelid surgeries, and Facelifts.

These procedures  have remained the most popular procedures over the past year in terms of what people research and ultimately get.

Hair Transplantations

Hair transplantation is one of the significant kinds of cosmetic surgery, helping you to renew hair growth easily without any particular issues. During the process, tiny hair follicles are collected from the back of the scalp, in the part where the hair tends to be denser. It’s ten transplanted using the minute incisions to those areas of the scalp that are afflicted by hair loss.

Most patients need multiple sessions to achieve a fantastic result as per their desire. After almost six weeks, the hair that was transplanted using the surgery will fall, but it’s not the bothering one as new hair will grow in its place within three months. Individuals who want to leverage the advantage need to avoid smoking and tobacco use simultaneously, as it can affect the wound healing.

Downtime changes & more invasive surgeries

Many people who have considered more significant cosmetic surgeries may have decided not to go under the knife in the past due to the extended downtime required for surgeries like liposuction, hair transplants and face lifts. However, with home working becoming the norm in many industries, people are choosing now to invest more in longer-term surgeries while they can comfortably recuperate at home.

Travel limitations, while contributing to a build-up in demand for surgeries, also means those who have remained employed are likely to have more disposable income they may otherwise have spent on holidays. Overall, the pandemic has caused what some are calling a ‘perfect storm’ for cosmetic surgeons despite the prevalent global public health issues.

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