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Medical Aesthetic Trends 2021

Mamuna Arshad Medical Aesthetic Trends

Indeed, the world of aesthetic treatments is ever evolving. So, what will 2021 bring? Here, is a round up all the cosmetic predictions .There's no denying that medical aesthetic cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly common, alongside conventional surgeries. 

Whether you have frequent "tweakments" or are merely curious about them, there is more research into new and enhanced therapies that can address a broader spectrum of symptoms and concerns.

Zoom Face Injectables...

After a year of gazing through a mirror at our own faces, it's not shocking that more people are looking for beauty treatments than ever.

Awareness combined with extended periods of reviewing our own faces over Zoom this year has contributed to a boom in injectables.

As well as more 'first-timers' to the injectables market, those who have had the therapy for the first time are expected to continue this year.

The lighting on video calls is often very unflattering, this is making people unnecessarily concerned about their appearance. Many have become focused on the lower face and are worried about this area, when they do not realise that often it is just a case of, the camera angle, shadows and bad lighting.

Piezo Technology for  Rhinoplasty

With increasingly advanced methods and equipment enabling clinicians to obtain superior outcomes, technology in medicine and aesthetics is still evolving. Piezo technology is one such advancement, revolutionizsng the way surgeons approach procedures such as rhinoplasties (nose jobs). Piezo technology makes it possible for us to conduct rhinoplasties with great accuracy.

In contrast with the original chisel and hammer technique, you can shape bone in a much less invasive way thanks to ultrasonic technology. For patients, the outcome is often less bruising and a much more reliable result.

The Perfect Smile

When you smile, the magic number of top teeth that will be on display is 8. We explain this as having complete oral corridors if you have a big smile, with 8-10 teeth showing on smiling. The soft tissues such as the buccal regions (cheeks) and lips are protected by complete buccal corridors. As we age, the lip length from the nose to the lips increases, so it also offers very youthful lip support by broadening the smile.

When the muscles work to give you a smile that alters the composition of the face's shape, the eyes often become smaller. To build the illusion of total oral corridors (where no space is left between teeth and the corners of lips). Cosmetic bonding to the back teeth or minimal prep veneers to make sure they are large enough to fill the entire room. When creating a big, bright and beautiful smile, the back teeth are as critical as the front.

Anatomical Facial Fillers

While many clinics still speak of charging 'per area' treatments, many clinicians have begun  to move away from this way of thinking to treat the face as a whole. Sometimes, only injecting one particular area, such as lips or buttocks, will leave someone in another area looking abnormal or have a knock on impact. 

To create a more natural appearance, a holistic anatomical facial examination is often recommended and integrates every aspect of the face.

Think of it as less is better when it comes to filler volume or Botox quantity, but not when it comes to the area of the surface being taken into account.

LED (light emitting diode) Therapy

LED (light emitting diode) therapy is becoming an incredibly popular treatment in salons and clinics, as it can target redness, acne and ageing without a need for physical touch or a potential for skin irritation. It is on the up and up in multi-modality treatments, meaning treatments that blend multiple therapies such as a peel plus LED, or mesotherapy and LED.

'LED is highly effective and it is becoming more commonplace to see at-home LED devices – however, buyer beware! At-home LED devices cannot deliver the same results as in-clinic LED. These devices are simply not as powerful. With this in mind, if you are looking for something that may assist with spots, perhaps an LED device could be for you as a secondary line of defence.

Collagen Supplements

Beauty consumers are beginning to recognise the relationship between their diet and skin. This increased awareness has made ingestible collagen the hero ingredient of the moment.

Collagen and its derivatives have become such a mainstay in our daily topical skincare products like collagen creams, serums and sheet masks.

Ingestible collagen is bio-identical, meaning our bodies recognise it as its own, as it is already naturally found inside our dermis. Therefore increasing collagen intake for several months can improve skin elasticity, (i.e., wrinkles and roughness) as well as signs of ageing.

The wrinkle reducing effects of collagen supplements have been attributed to their ability to stimulate your body to mimic its own collagen production. Additionally, taking collagen supplements may promote the production of other proteins that help structure your skin, including elastin and fibrillin, which give the skin its bounce and elasticity.

‘Prevention is smarter than a cure’, so start adding collagen supplements to your skincare routine early. Ideally from your early to mid-20s. Your skin will thank you in in years to come!'

Super SkinCare Regime

A bid for a more flattering video call look will continue with alternative treatments available than the usual injectable aesthetic treatment

2021, will be the era of the cosmetic medicine consumer taking advantage of a multifaceted approach to facial and skin rejuvenation by incorporating medical grade skincare into their daily routine and learning how to combine this with skin boosters, advanced medical facials and delicately tailored injectables to achieve subtle and natural results.

"The impact lockdown has had on skin will influence skincare regimes in 2021.”

Increased screen time, bad diet, stress, lack of fresh air, constant hand-washing and mask wearing took their toll on the nation’s skin, so treating the effects will be a major trend next year. It’s going to be about inner beauty.

 Skin quality will be the new buzzword with products and treatments that will foster good health, helping to improve skin conditions like rosacea and acne. 

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