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Non-Surgical is officially the NEW Surgical in 2018

The non-surgical development will continue to grow as new and improved technologies are developed to re- shape, tighten, lift and erase imperfections and will include procedures for body sculpting to fat melting, leading innovations in non - invasive procedures that will continue to offer patients a whole host of options to meet their desire for self-improvement.

Aesthetic Alert!!

The continued use of growth factors, nanofat or PRP for rejuvenating the skin and enhancing hair growth is set to trend in 2018 to reverse some of the signs of ageing.

With micro-filler injections (small amounts of fillers are injected into and under the skin), fat transfer at the time of a Blepharoplasty or Facelift (helps to restore lost volume) or with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for collagen building, cell growth and better hair health when injected into the scalp. 


Coolsculpting isn’t new, yet it’s gaining traction as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Coolsculpting targets stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away, no matter how much exercise or dieting you employ  This non-surgical procedure uses handheld applicators to suction your skin while a cooling mechanism freezes it, destroying fat cells below the surface of the skin. More than one session is often required and results can take up to three months to see.

Chemical peels

By removing old skin, new layers can grow in its place resulting in a brighter, clearer, more youthful looking complexion. Chemical peels vary in strength, some can be performed during your lunch hour, while other stronger concentrations require a fair amount of recovery time. The stronger the peel, the more likely your skin is to look badly sunburned, blistered, and ultimately scab and peel. Chemical peels are very popular with people who want to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, sun damage and acne scarring. 

Clear and brilliant laser facial treatment

For minor skin imperfections like sun spots, dullness and large pores, this fractional laser treatment is very popular. The painless procedure is done quickly and there is hardly any downtime, other than some redness that could be mistaken for forgetting to wear your sunscreen. A laser wand is moved across your face to brighten skin tone and minimize pores.

Laser lipo

This refined liposuction treatment blasts fat with a low-wave laser to liquefy it before it is removed via a thin tube called a cannula. Because the fat is liquefied it is much easier to remove and therefore not as aggressive as traditional lipo. In areas like the face or neck, often the fat doesn’t even need to be removed — the body naturally eliminates it.

Oxygen facials

Celebrities, like Madonna, swear by these non-invasive treatments. These results-oriented facials are more clinical than your average facial and their immediate results make them a hit with stars who need to get red carpet ready. The high-tech compression machine pushes oxygen and other small-molecule skincare products (like hyaluronic acid, vitamin treatments and botanicals) into the skin via a pressurized stream of air. While these treatments are not as pampering as an ordinary facial, they are said to bring balance back to the skin, lessen the appearance of fine lines, make tone brighter and plump the skin. 


The PDO Thread Lift is a treatment which lifts and tightens sagging skin tissue, using threads made of Polydioxanone (PDO). The threads are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin.

About 6 months after the procedure, the PDO threads will disappear through simple hydrolysis (they are absorbable). The lifted facial contours will remain for about 3-6 months more, due to the cellular rejuvenation effects.

Your skin cells are stimulated to produce new collagen. At the same time, the PDO threads cause the fat tissue to contract, producing a skin tightening and facial slimming effect.


Fillers can be used to subtly improve the shape of the nose and although not permanent, it is a less-expensive option than a traditional Rhinoplasty. Though Non-Surgical nose jobs can’t make a nose smaller, they can however help correct imperfections.

A typical session of non-surgical nose job procedure is preceded by a consultation with a Aesthetic Practitioner.

The average duration of the session is 30 minutes and the patient is conscious throughout the time. The dermal filler is injected at various points. Most dermal fillers have a local anaesthetic called lidocaine that makes the injections very comfortable. The patient monitors the progress as they are provided a mirror and repeat photographs maybe taken from different angles.

After the procedure of non-surgical nose job is complete, the patient is free to go without any stay in the clinic. If required, a follow up treatment may be arranged.


Micro-Botox is intended to be a trend in the coming year. Micro-Botox is injected more superficially, in the dermal layer of skin, and in smaller quantities than a normal Botox treatment, and it works to decrease pore size, smooth skin and decrease oil production.

Those who are aesthetically smart and savvy will realise that prevention is key, patients in their 20s and early 30s are using line & wrinkle smoothening treatments before the lines are noticeable to outsmart the ageing process. 

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