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Technology and innovation are the keywords for the Busy Girl’s Guide to Aesthetics.

As long as consumers are concerned with the impact of the environment and a stressful lifestyle, looking for innovative skincare solutions with a link to the natural soul of formulations is on the rise.

Watch out for the Probiotic trend, this fix is gradually making its way into skincare. Consumers are becoming more curious with probiotic microbes and bacteria, to obtain immediate results.


51% of purchases globally are influenced by the eco and social involvement of companies. As it is a stand into sustainable and social actions that marks the company identity.


Consumers#InstaFix worldwide are more and more conscious of the effects and impacts of their purchasing choices on the environment and on society.


Makeup Artists, experts and professionals are becoming the new superstars of the cosmetic industry. First, users require HIGH DEFINITION solutions to get the same results that are shown by the professionals.

The public is looking for High Definition effects and using aesthetic procedure to help achieve a Photoshopped look without the Filters!!!

Perfection is expected. Social media has amplified this request, and cosmetic/aesthetic companies are responding with innovative procedures, techniques and products to meet the needs of digital consumers.


A further development of this concept is the completely natural look trend. A look definitely built and not left to the qualities granted by Mother Nature, but shown as if it were a sound effect and obtained naturally.

The popularity of hashtags as #iwokeuplikethis or #nomakeup, #nofilter, lead companies to use procedures, products and tools that give the face a bare appearance but flawless, naturally luminous and radiant.


The gentleman style, groomed and detailed from clothing to accessories, lifestyle and travel, is becoming increasingly popular among the male population and has great potential to impact the market in the coming years.

Improving the way one looks and feels has firmly entered the daily life of a growing share of the market. Correcting skin imperfections such as dark circles, having Laser Hair removal and opting for Coolsculpting/ Liposuction is set to become the habitual actions for the Male consumer

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