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Faye Barrett

Obagi Account Manager -Healthxchange Pharmacy

"Mamuna is a pleasure to work with, hosting an excellent rapport. Her communication and people skills excel. I throughly enjoy my professional relationship with her and she is extremely knowledgeable within her field."


Sadie Van Sanden-Cooke

Aesthetic Energy Devices

"Mamuna has a passion and dedication to the aesthetic technology and treatments that is infectious. Her customer service is 5* and a true team player. Someone I hope to have the pleasure of working with again."


Revitalised Aesthetics


"Mamuna is my Patient Advisor and helps to liaise between myself and my aesthetic patients. She has been very supportive and pro-active in her role, and always have a good rapport with clients."

Dean Duggan

Marketing Communications

"I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Mamuna. Her incredible work ethic and dedication to developing her knowledge within medical aesthetics makes her a valuable asset to both the organisation she works for and their customers. "

"Her honest approach and commitment to safeguarding patients has made her a trusted expert in the field and is the reason many patients seek her advice time and time again."

"Mamuna is always one of the first to lend a hand to help her colleagues. She regularly supported me in organising marketing events and has impressive writing chops, creating a variety of blogs and customer literature. Mamuna’s passion and motivation will make her a great addition to any organisation."

Malgorzata Liszewska

Dermal Therapist at Pfeffer Sal

"Mamuna has extensive experience within cosmetic industry. She covered Aesthetician role on the clinical level as well as Lead Practitioner for the north region working around 6 clinics and providing support for the group of therapists. 

"She has been working closely with the senior management on developing the business and implementing improvements. She always goes above and beyond giving her best to the business and others. Very professional and knowledgeable."


Salim Uddin-Khandakar

Director at Salutions publishers of Didsbury | Hale&Bowdon | Bonus Sapor & MediaCity Magazines

"Professional, friendly and engaging. Mamuna and I have known each other for several years her enthusiasm and experience are second to none."

Louise Heywood

Clinic Co-ordinator at DermaMedical & Harley Medical Group

"Having worked with Mamuna for numerous years, I found her to be very hardworking, professional and a with a special kind of empathy towards her clients and peers. Mamuna loves to take on new skills and picks them up with ease and uses them to benefit furthering the business and development, whilst also utilising her wealth of experience in addition to this. Mamuna would be a valuable asset and a great addition to any company or business."

Mr Nadir Ali, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon at Euxton Hall Hospital

"Mamuna is hardworking and committed team member. she gets on well with all team members and customers, with excellent communication skills."

Sue Norton,

Head of Dietetics at Transform Hospital Group

"Mamuna has been writing articles for BandBoozled ( our online support hub for bariatric patients ) for a couple of years now. Her articles are always well researched, informative as well as being fun and down to earth. 

She pitches each article correctly for our client base and our members enjoy reading them and take a lot of her advice on board. Mamuna is a skilled writer and I would have no problems in recommending her to organisations."

Nic Harris,

Bariatric Nurse at Healthier Weight

"Mamuna has been a very welcomed addition to our site for a number of years. Providing us with a host of posts that are not only engaging and current but offer a wealth of knowledge regarding aesthetics and complementary therapy ideas to help out our weight loss members."

 "Her writing style and etiquette, alongside her fun personality and passion for both writing and her profession always makes for a great read - thanks for your ongoing input

Margaret Dabrowska ,

Clinical Trainer UK, Europe & Middle East at MADA Laser and Skin 

"Mamuna is a very knowledgeable specialist in the field of laser technology. Professional and with a great approach to all aspects of work. 

She has the right set of skills and knowledge to educate and support other practitioners in the Aesthetic field of Non-Surgical procedures.

She will be a wonderful addition to a professional team."

Angela Leigh - PG Dip IDM,

Head of Marketing UK at REVIV Global

"I worked with Mamuna for two years and I can say she’s brilliant at what she’s does! Always a true professional with new ideas and high standards, a pleasure to work with and a great team player. "

Mr Paul Clarke, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon at Transform Hospital Group

" I have worked with Mamuna  for over 15 years, She always a great asset to my Cosmetic Practice. The clinics are always super busy and Mamuna is always on hand to organise my list, my time and forward manage my patients and their cosmetic journey. She is both hardworking and dedicated in all aspects of practice  as well as knowledgeable and skilled. Both staff members and Client's  respond well to her warmth, comfort and empathy."

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