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2024 cosmetic surgery trends

2023, see you later! Gone are the days of looking too pulled, tight, large, or unnatural. One of the top trends in 2024 will be the emergence of natural plastic surgery. Looking your best but still looking like you.

Excitement around exosomes 

Exosome therapy, a revolutionary advancement in regenerative aesthetics, is helping more Americans than ever before manage hair loss, a problem that impacts over 80 million people. For best effects, for example with microneedling and platelet-rich plasma treatments that involve exosomes. Exosome therapy offers numerous advantages, including enhanced skin look, cellular regeneration and repair, and collagen formation. It does this by utilising special regenerative messenger molecules and growth factors. improving healing following both non-surgical and surgical procedures such CO2 laser, microneedling, face lifts, blepharoplasty, and skin peels. Exosomes are included in the list of 2024 aesthetic trends because they are becoming more widely available and less expensive as science advances. I advise all of my patients to employ exosomes in order to improve outcomes and hasten their recuperation.

Weight-Loss Injections

The recently FDA-approved weight-loss drug, will be the newest big thing in 2024.The diabetic medications that are now widely prescribed in the USA for weight loss function by stimulating stomach receptors to help you feel satisfied and full after a meal, much like the more well-known Ozempic prescription.

This results in reduced overeating and better insulin and glucose management in your body. The use will rise in 2024 as weight-loss resolutions for the New Year approach. Users may have the unfavourable side effects of volume loss and drooping skin, such as a sagging butt, torso, and face, as with any rapid weight loss.

Pre Treatment Preservation

The idea that facelifts are only for people over 50 is evolving. People are motivated by  the preservation of their youthful appearance. Younger persons who wish to delay ageing or who are genetically susceptible to early ageing are finding surgical facelifts increasingly appealing.


These operations can be paired with nonsurgical treatments and other surgical procedures like blepharoplasty and buccal fat removal.

A return to the natural aesthetic

There is undoubtedly a trend towards a more natural look after a time of more extreme fabrication. This holds true for both surgical procedures such as facelifts and nonsurgical treatments and procedures. Instead of just debulking fat, we'll see more athletic definition and high-definition liposuction contouring, with an emphasis on proportion and a more natural-looking outcome.

We predict that 2024 will be the year of the tone down but glow down, following the calm luxury trend of 2023 but with more understated and organic enhancements. Filters, hyper physique, and homogenised, exaggerated Instagram faces overwhelmed us.  


Breast Reduction procedures  with many women choosing a smaller cup size due to lifestyle choices. Women are being influenced by wellness and improving the quality of their lives, rather than aesthetic concerns.

Some women are also having their implants removed due to implant-associated complications such as chronic pain, capsular contraction, breast deformities, or concerns over breast implant illness.


Replacement with a new implant is therefore not desirable and alternatives are requested by patients to substitute the removed implant volume for a cosmetic satisfying result.


Whilst fat transfer treatments are a natural and effective alternative to artificial implants, their success has been limited by an unpredictable fat survival rate and treatment outcomes.

By boosting naturally-occurring stem cells within the fat, that is harvested from the tummy or thighs, the new technique increases the fat survival rate to 80-100%, resulting in much more predictable treatment outcomes for patients.

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